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We take our food truck all around Central Florida - it's how Sweet City Gelato started. We normally carry up to 11 gelato & sorbetto flavors on the truck at a time. You can get gelato or sorbetto in the cup or in a cone, sandwiched between two cookies, in a gelato float, next to a warm Bananas Foster bread pudding, or on top of our signature Brooklyn dessert. Check out our menu below for what to expect when you come to the Sweet City Gelato truck. See you on the road, Ciao!


1 Scoop - up to 1 flavor

2 Scoops - up to 2 flavors

2 scoops of gelato, flavor of your choice, sandwiched between 2 freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Gelato Cookie Sandwich                
Banana Fosters Bread Pudding   

SEASONAL Served warm with a scoop of gelato, flavor of your choice.

Suggested flavor pairings - Coconut, Banana-Nutella, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean

The Brooklyn Special                      

Warm brownie & chocolate chip cookie baked together with a chocolate ganache center served with a scoop of gelato, flavor of your choice.

Get it in a cone                

Choose cake, sugar or waffle

Pina Colada
Lime in the coconut
San pellegrino water         
San pellegrino juices           
Bottled water and Sodas    

Root Beer or Coke + Vanilla Gelato

Orange Soda + Vanilla Gelato

Sprite + Coconut Gelato

Pineapple soda + Coconut Gelato

Sprite + Mango Sorbetto

By the pint                             

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